In March 2018, the French publishing house Editions Seuil published Sven Hansen-Løve's first novel Un Emploi Sur Mesure. Together with the American director Thomas Burns, we filmed a short movie to promote the book.
After deciding on the concept and the script, we ran many tests. Literally.
This was the fourth episode of our long-lasting collaboration with Sven. Check out these portraits of him I made on various assignments over a period of four years.
The whole film was shot with an Arriflex 435, one of the most renowned 35mm film cameras in the world.
Production crew
Directors/DoPs: Thomas Burns, Andrew Kovalev
Co-DoP: George Kolbaia
Art-direction: Tatiana Almond
Talents: George Kolbaia Malkhaz Abuladze, Rati Anjaparidze, Devi Berdzenishvili, Ian McNaught Davis, Jonne Catshoek
Assistants: Irakli Duru Jgenti, Tata Melnik
Project producer in Moscow: Anna Bednieri
BTS photography: Gregory Lee

Based on the book by Sven Hansen-Løve

Special thanks to:
Georgian Film Studios for technical support, and personally to Suliko Melashvili, Marlen Maisuradze, Khatuna Khundadze and Giorgi Kharebava. Éditions du Seuil, and personally Adrien Bosc, Géraldine Ghislain, Laure-Hélène Delprat et Olivier Bétourné for helping this project happen

Developed by Bonton a.s. Film Laboratory (Prague)
Scanned at Mosfilm Lab (Moscow)