June, 2017
Photoband is Andrei Kovalev's first crash course on the production of complex photoshoots.
Including guest experts: photo editors and art directors from The Hollywood Reporter magazine and Forbes magazine.
As a hands-on part of the course my students and I put together four different photoshoots: each with its own story, heroes, styling approach, locations and set design. We titled the first of them, The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
A collaboration with theatrical actors Lada Churovskaya (the Vakhtangova Theatre) and Igor Pekhovitch (the Taganka Theatre)
The very first draft for The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
The Spirit of The Ballet School is yet another story we shot during our practical sessions. It is a story of a spirit, played by Artemy Fogel of the Salva Theatre, that inhabits a ballet school.
The third shoot of the course was The Vampire's Winter Garden, an ironic interpretation of the vampire lore, starring Philipp Soloviev, the frontman of the NonAdaptantS band
The women of the Plavinsky family, a famous Russian artists' dynasty, was our final practical shoot, with the focus on the art of classical family portrait.
Behind the scenes:
Production crew
Models: Lada Churovskaya, Igor Pekhovitch, Artemy Fogel and students of Baletta school, Philip Soloviev, the Plavinsky family
Styling: Tatiana Almond
Clothes: Naidal, Tali Rutman
First assistant: Timur Ivanov
MUA: Oxana Rox, Irina Sheremetieva
Producer: Anna Bednieri
BTS-photographer: Elina Wexler
BTS-videographer: Nikita Goryachkin

Guest lecturers: Varvara Gladkaya (Forbes, RBC), Oleg Burnaev and Veniamin Fridhelm (The Hollywood Reporter)

Students: Irina Dengina, Alyona Kondyurina, Natalia Inkina, Anna Stefanenko, Arsen Galstyan, Alexandre Vainstein, Natalia Kirianova, Valentina Besprozvannykh, Vladimir Dolgov, Sergey Chernov, Julia Grigorieva, Nikita Sytnik, Silva Stepanian, Alexandra Introligator, Maria Ignatieva