In February 2017, the Russian band Burito commissioned me to create key visuals for their upcoming White Album. I invited the stylist Tali Rutman to be my creative partner.
Burito is a Russian alternative electronic band. Despite your first thought, their name doesn't come from Mexican cuisine, but stands for Japanese hieroglyphs Bu (warrior), Ri (truth) and To (sword).
For the second time we played with the concept of re-imagining samurai costumes.
Yes, the White Album was not my first collaboration with Burito. See my photoshoot for their debut album. Also: be sure to check out Burito Kosu, the craziest photography course in history.
Production crew
Client: Velvet Music independent music production agency
Stylist/costume designer: Tali Rutman
MUAH: Masha Vorslav
Producers: Aliona Kondyurina, Anna Bednieri
Assistants: Timur Ivanov, Natalia Eremina
BTS-videographer: Kirill Gantsev