Today's update added 50 new styles to the Library. Here is my pick of the Top 10 artists from this week's addition!

TOP 10

Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Tadanori Yokoo --v 4

Tadanori Yokoo (born in 1936) is a renowned Japanese graphic designer and visual artist known for his bold and colorful pop art style. He is recognized for his avant-garde posters and book covers, often featuring elements of traditional Japanese art, popular culture, and modern technology. Yokoo's Midjourney style is all about the striking use of color, playful imagery, and a sense of nostalgia and longing.
Tadanori Yokoo's poster depicting Goddess of psychedelic forest --v 4
Tadanori Yokoo's portrait of witch of Tokyo underground --v 4
Tadanori Yokoo's industrial graphic Japanese horror film poster --v 4
antihero by Tadanori Yokoo --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Winifred Knights --v 4

British painter Winifred Knights (1899-1947) is known for her detailed and realistic depictions of the human figure and is particularly recognized for her use of colors and the play of light and shadow to create a sense of volume. She was a member of the New English Art Club and was part of the British avant-garde of the early 20th century.

Winifred Knights' Midjourney style is fantastic for highly-stylized portrait (and not only!) paintings permeated by the sense of longing.
heavenly cavalry by Winifred Knights --v 4
hunting party in misty woods by Winifred Knights --v 4
cyberpunk paladin by Winifred Knights --v 4
glourious interstellar mission poster by Winifred Knights --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Mickalene Thomas --v 4

Known for her vibrant and bold paintings, collages, and installations, American artist Mickalene Thomas (b. 1971) creates large-scale, highly detailed, and ornate works that explore issues of race, gender, and representation. Her work often incorporates elements of glamour style, such as rhinestones, glitter, and decorative patterns.

The use of Thomas’ name in your prompt typically returns generations with vibrant colors, bold patterns and textures, and complex compositions with powerful and confident black women as main figures.
1920s factory worker by Mickalene Thomas --v 4
2048 Olympics poster by Mickalene Thomas --v 4
Time Variance Authority board of directors meeting by Mickalene Thomas --v 4
deep ocean explorer by Mickalene Thomas --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Issey Miyake --v 4

Legendary Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake (b. 1938) is famous for his avant-garde, innovative designs blending traditional Japanese techniques with modern technology, creating functional and beautiful clothing. He is renowned for using high-tech fabrics, clean lines, and minimalism, with a strong focus on sustainability.

Streamlined futuristic designs, colorful geometrical patterns, and lots of character—that's what to expect from Issey Miyake's name added to your prompts.
urban techwear outfit by Issey Miyake --niji
interdimensional traveler outfit by Issey Miyake --v 4
futuristic fastfood restaurant uniform designed by Issey Miyake --v 4
anthropomorphic cat suit by Issey Miyake --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Hilma af Klint --v 4
Suggested by Midlibrary Instagram follower Donald Edison @lux_and_bird

Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) was a Swedish pioneer in abstract art. She is known for creating a series of paintings called the "Paintings for the Temple," produced in the early 20th century before the advent of abstract art as it is commonly understood. Himla af Klint was a member of a group of artists known as "The Five," who were interested in spiritualism and theosophy.

Klint's Midjourney generations are beautiful geometrical abstractions mixed with semi-realistic subjects (if lucky :)). Elegant bright colors, fine lines and play with symmetry are the principal features in generations with Hilma af Klint's name in prompts.
Garden of Eden by Hilma af Klint --v 4
futuristic gang leader by Hilma af Klint --v 4
cats of Istanbul by Hilma af Klint --v 4
intricate astrolabe by Hilma af Klint --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Fang Lijun --v 4
Suggested by Midlibrary user Chen Lok

One of the most important and influential artists of the Chinese contemporary art scene, Fang Lijun (b. 1963) is most famous for his images of bald men—often depicted in large groups, in a variety of settings and poses, often in a humorous and satirical way.

Midjourney generations with his name inherit Fang Lijun's expressive brushstrokes, the use of a deep, contrasty color pallet, and weird, borderline creepy characters.
Fang Lijun's painting depicting lonely protagonist observing vast cityscape --v 4
mushroom world by Fang Lijun --v 4
Ghost Busters by Fang Lijun --v 4
inverted universe by Fang Lijun --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Beeple --v 4
Suggested by Midlibrary user Esther Tan

Beeple (born in 1981) is the pseudonym of the American digital artist and graphic designer Mike Winkelmann. Mike uses a wide range of digital tools to create his artworks: abstract and surreal landscapes, animations, and generative designs.

Beeple's Midjourney style is a true finding for those into epic sci-fi illustrations, perfectly capturing the massive scale of the scenes, rendered in vibrant colors, and filled with an otherworldly, slightly surreal atmosphere.
drone bees swarm by Beeple --v 4
interplanetary battle by Beeple --v 4
scrap metal spirit by Beeple --v 4
early foggy morning by Beeple --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Bruno Munari --v 4

Throughout his long and productive career, Italian artist, designer, and writer Bruno Munari (1907-1998) contributed generously to the fields of graphic and industrial design, as well as... children's literature! He was a key member of the Italian Futurist movement with a focus on experimentation and play in his artwork. His other passion was illustrations and children's books, which are considered masterpieces in the field of children's literature.

Prompts with Bruno Munari's name return elegant designs with strong composition, color play, and sexy geometrical shapes.
love postcard by Bruno Munari --v 4
eternal monk by Bruno Munari --v 4
bio-fueled car Bruno Munari --v 4
beverage lable design by Bruno Munari --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Maria Lassnig --v 4

Austrian painter and feminist artist Maria Lassnig (1919-2014) is celebrated for her highly personal and introspective self-portraits, painted in a bold and expressive style, with a focus on the body and the inner feelings.

Bold and expressive brushstrokes, strong colors, and a focus on the body, particularly the female form is what characterize Maria Lassnig's Midjourney style.

Nick Cave by Maria Lassnig --v 4
underwater life by Maria Lassnig --v 4
deity of fire by Maria Lassnig --v 4
Maria Lassnig's painting of New York Central Park on sunny day --v 4
Midjourney AI V4 Styles Library
by Iwona Lifsches --v 4

Iwona Lifsches is a contemporary painter with roots in Poland. Her works reflect a Naive Art style characterized by a childlike innocence in subject, shape, and color. She creates fabulously colorful paintings that depict simple and idealized scenes of everyday life with a touch of melancholy and humor.

One of the best representatives of the Naive Art movement in Midjourney, Iwona Lifsches' style is bright, simple yet detailed illustrations great for magically charged fairy tale scenes.
green knight by Iwona Lifsches --v 4
deconstructivist interior by Iwona Lifsches --v 4
dark wizards castle on moonlit night by Iwona Lifsches --v 4
moon base by Iwona Lifsches --v 4
This is it for this week. Stay tuned for the next week's editor's pick: Top 10 styles for sci-fi and cyberpunk generations!
Happy Midjourneys!

— Andrei
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