Bruce Munro light installations
Bruce Munro is an English-Australian artist known for creating large immersive site-specific installations that often incorporate thousands of components. He often uses light for storytelling and to create an emotional response for the viewer.
Let's see how Midjourney recognizes Bruce Munro's name in V3 and V4:
by Bruce Munro --v 3
by Bruce Munro --v 4
And that's how other versions react:
by Bruce Munro --test
by Bruce Munro --test --creative
by Bruce Munro --testp
by Bruce Munro --testp --creative
Bruce Munro's name in Midjourney returns various but equally beautiful results. Often inheriting light painting visual qualities—light traces, glowing curves blurred in motion, colorful bright spots—Munro's style is poetic and mystical at the same time (most of the generations take place outdoors and at night).
sun by Bruce Munro --v 4
abstract geometrical composition by Bruce Munro --v 4
mirror dimension by Bruce Munro --v 4
Bruce Munro's name in Midjourney prompts will transform almost any object into a high-art light installation...
colossal tiger in futuristic jungle by Bruce Munro --v 4
interplanetary cityscape by Bruce Munro --v 4
matryoshka by Bruce Munro --v 4
...and it works even for the most unlikely themes entirely out of the artist's scope.
font based logo by Bruce Munro --v 4
anime fight by Bruce Munro --v 4
futuristic automotive design by Bruce Munro --v 4
anicent alien mammoth skull by Bruce Munro --v 4
vibrant sea creatures in interdimensional ocean by Bruce Munro --v 4
How about Image Prompts? Let's try our traditional test — a photographic portrait of Francis D., and a classical painting.
Francis D.
by Bruce Munro --v 4
Leonardo da Vinci — Ginevra de'Benci (1476)
by Bruce Munro --v 4
Munro's style is your choice if you go for beautiful light painting-based generations, glowing sculptures, and lighting installations.
Bruce Munro's artistic style in Midjourney AI V4
space traveler in colorful multiverse by Bruce Munro --ar 3:2 --stylize 1000 --v 4


Alexander Archipenko, Ukrainian and American avant-garde artist, sculptor, and graphic artist
Andy Goldsworthy, English sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings
Anne Truitt, American sculptor, known for her large-scale minimalist sculptures
Aristide Maillol, French sculptor, painter, and printmaker
Aron Demetz, Italian sculptor who primarily uses traditional woodcarving techniquest to create life size sculptures
Brian Jungen, Canadian artist, working in a diverse range of two and three dimensional materials
Bruno Catalano, French sculptor, most renown for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing
Bruno Walpoth, Italian sculptor, who carves life-sized human figures from wood, and finishes them with acrylic paint
Camille Claudel, French artist known for her figurative works in bronze and marble
Daniel Arsham, American interdisciplinary artist, who creates fossilised versions of contemporary objects and architecture
Gaston Lachaise, French-born sculptor, active in the early 20th century, most noted for his female nudes
Gustav Vigeland, Norwegian sculptor, known both for his creative imagination and his productivity, famous for the Vigeland installation in Frogner Park, Oslo
Isaac Julien, British filmmaker and installation artist, who creates multi-screen film installations
Jacob Hashimoto, American artist, using sculpture, painting, and installation to create complex worlds from a range of modular components
James Pradier, French sculptor best known for his work in the neoclassical style
Jun Kaneko, Japanese-born American ceramic artist known for creating large scale ceramic sculpture
Louise Bourgeois, French-American artist, best known for her large-scale sculpture and installation art
Martin Creed, contemporary British artist, composer, and performer, known for his installations that incorporate vernacular objects such as baloons
Martin Puryear, American artist known for his devotion to traditional craft, working in wood and bronze in a reductive technique
Maurizio Cattelan, Italian artist known for his hyperrealistic sculptures and installations, also famous for his satirical approach to art
Mona Hatoum, British-Palestinian multimedia and installation artist
Patricia Piccinini, Australian artist who works with painting, video, sound, installation, digital prints, and sculpture, focusing on bio-ethics and future dystopias
Patrick Dougherty, American environmental artist, known for his sculptures and installations built with sticks and saplings
Raymond Duchamp-Villon, French sculptor, who applied Cubist principles to three-dimensional works
Rebecca Louise Law, British artist, best known for artworks created with natural materials, namely flora
Tatsuo Miyajima, Japanese sculptor and installation artist, whose work is primarily concerned with the function and significance of tiem and space, especially within the context of Buddhist thought
teamLab, international art collective, whose collaborative practice navigates the confluence of art, science, technology, and the natural world
Tony Oursler, American multimedia and installation artist, working with video, sculpture, installation, performance, and painting
Ursula von Rydingsvard, American sculptor making highly personal and often monumental works with cedar and bronze
Vito Acconci, influential American performance, video and installation artist
* All samples are shown in V4. V3 references are available in the relevant library sections.


Midjourney AI style reference sample: blueprint
kinetic sculpture --ar 3:1 --stylize 3000 --v 3
Since today's update is devoted to sculpture, I wanted to highlight not one technique but four of some of the most exciting sculpting genres: kinetic sculpture, subtractive sculpture, inflatable sculpture, and conceptual installation.
kinetic sculpture --v 4
subtractive sculpture --v 4
inflatable sculpture --v 4
conceptual installation --v 4
Kinetic sculptures are capable of movement, often through motors or other mechanical devices. Subtractive sculpture involves removing material from a larger block or form to create a negative space in the final piece. Inflatable sculpture uses air or other gases to create temporary or mobile objects. And Conceptual installation utilizes various materials and mediums to create immersive, experiential artworks around sensitive themes and complex ideas.
invention of neural networks as subtractive sculpture --v 4
inflatable sculpture by Cai Guo-Qiang --v 4
nuclear environmental danger. Kinetic sculpture --v 4
invention of gunpowder. Conceptual installation --v 4
That's it for this week.
Thank you and happy Midjourneys!

— Andrei
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Midjourney AI style reference sample: chemigram
man on the moon subtractive sculpture --v 4


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