Midjourney now supports --stylize in its Version 4! Let's look at how it works, what it can affect in our generations, and what we control with it.



Anton Corbijn photography
American painter Andrea Kowch (born 1986) is known for her haunting magical realism paintings that seem to directly inherit the artistic traditions of Andrew Wyeth. Kowch's mostly female characters inhabit rural settings and mysterious scenes heavy with unsettling atmospheres.
Let's see how Midjourney recognizes Andrea Kowch's name in V3 and V4:
by Andrea Kowch --v 3
by Andrea Kowch --v 4
And that's how other versions react:
by Andrea Kowch --test
by Andrea Kowch --test --creative
by Andrea Kowch --testp
by Andrea Kowch --testp --creative
Andrea Kowch's style in Midjourney is strong and dominating. Her girls and women take over 9 out of 10 generations with her name. Even when the prompt does not imply any characters, Midjourney will place Kowch's signature female characters in it.
video installation by Andrea Kowch --v 4
demon of sleep by Andra Kowch --v 4
brutalist architecture by Andrea Kowch --v 4
interdimensional warrior by Andrea Kowch --v 4
Blade Runner by Andrea Kowch --v 4
cat in space by Andrea Kowch --v 4
Let's try overcoming that by adding --no girl , or --no people to our prompts.
fantasy landscape by Andrea Kowch --v 4
fantasy landscape by Andrea Kowch --no girl --v 4
Kitsune by Andrea Kowch --v 4
Kitsune by Andrea Kowch --no people --v 4
And this is how raising the recently released Stylize value affects Andrea Kowch's style:
astropunk by Andrea Kowch --stylize 100 --v 4
astropunk by Andrea Kowch --stylize 1000 --v 4
astropunk by Andrea Kowch --stylize 500 --v 4
astropunk by Andrea Kowch --stylize 1000 --v 4
Kowch's style is perfect for melancholic, slightly surrealistic fairy tale scenes. Especially if your main subjects are beautiful females with light sadness inside.
Andrea Kowch's artistic style in Midjourney AI V4
magical ritual on moonlit night by Andrea Kowch. Blue and scarlet hues --ar 2:3 --stylize 1000 --v 4


Agnes Martin, American abstract painter
Alex Gross, American visual artist, painting in oil, his themes include globalization, commerce, beauty, dark mayhem, and the passage of time
Alson Skinner Clark, American Impressionist painter best remembered for his landscapes
Amy Judd, British painter, inspired by mythology and folklore
Andrea Kowch, American painter known for her magical realism paintings of the Midwest
Bill Durgin, American photographer with strong focus on human body
Camille Walala, French multi-disciplinary designer, best known for her life-size murals and installations
Elie Saab, Lebanese couture and bridal fashion designer
Gil Elvgren, American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration
Horace Pippin, self-taught American artist, best-known for his works addressing US's history of slavery and racial segregation
John Varvatos, American menswear designer
Julie Blackmon, American photographer, whose work is inspired by timelessness of family dynamics
Larry Clark, American film director and photographer, best known for his controversial film Kids and his photography book Tulsa
Lee Bontecou, American sculptor and printmaker with very recognizable circular abstract sculptural wall works
Leonetto Cappiello, Italian and French poster art designer and painter
Maia Flore, French photographer, famous for surrealistic self-portraits
Marie Laurencin, French artist known for her delicate depictions of young women in idyllic landscapes
Mark Demsteader, British figurative artist
Mattias Adolfsson, Swedish graphic artist and illustrator, known for his detailed and quirky drawings
Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz), British contemporary fine art and fashion photographer
Paul Lehr, American illustrator, one of the greatest future-fantasist painters of the post-pulp era
Ravi Zupa, American self-taught multi-disciplinary artist, printmaker, painter and collagist
Richard Avedon, American fashion and portrait photographer
Sarah Andersen, American cartoonist and illustrator, author of the webcomic Sarah's Scribbles
Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Dutch photographer, documenting her own bizarre interventions in harsh landscapes
Stefano Gabbana, Italian fashion designer, part of the Milano-based Dolce Gabbana fashion house
Taras Loboda, Ukrainian post-modernist painter
Toshio Saeki, Japanese illustrator and painter, known for his erotic works
William Klein, American-born French photographer, known for his ironic approach to photography and his extensive use of unusual techniques
William Nicholson, British painter of still-life, landscape and portraits
William Russell Flint, Scottish artist and illustrator, best known for his watercolors of women
William Whitaker, American classical realistic painter
Yves Klein, French artist chiefly noted for his blue monochrome paintings and for his audacious experiments with new techniques and new attitudes to art
* All samples are shown in V4. V3 references are available in the relevant library sections.


Midjourney AI style reference sample: blueprint
mandala --ar 3:1 --v 3
Mandala is Sanskrit for "circle." Philosophically, it is an artistic representation of higher thought and deeper meaning given as a geometric symbol used in spiritual, emotional, or psychological work to focus one's attention. Visually, it is a beautiful mirrored pattern arranged in a circle.
mandala --v 3
mandala --v 4
The first mandala is believed to appear in India c. 1500 - c. 500 BCE. Since then, cultures worldwide have used the image of the mandala in many different periods up to the present. Mandala even became the subject of Carl Jung's most extensive, groundbreaking work on its meaning and purpose.
spiritual mandala leading to enlightenment --v 4
hindu mandala from 1500 BCE. Book illustration --v 4
Rorschach test mandala --v 4
sand mandala --v 4
Sand mandalas, now mostly practiced in Tibetan Buddhism, are colorful mandalas made from sand that are ritualistically destroyed to symbolize impermanence and the Buddhist belief that death is not the end and everything returns to its element. Each Mandala is dedicated to specific deities.
Zeus mandala --v 4
Shiva mandala --v 4
Odin mandala --v 4
Midjourney's Mandala is a perfect technique for decorative elements, highly detailed circular patterns, and everything that should have beautiful circular symmetry.
intricate gothic mandala --v 4
stained glass mandala --v 4
ancient civilization artifact mandala --v 4
It works great for anything nature-related: animals, insects, and plants.
buttercup mandala --v 4
intricate cat mandala --v 4
beetle mandala --v 4
winter flowers mandala --v 4
But you can also turn other subjects into Mandala.
futuristic city in shape of mandala. Drone shot --v 4
transformer mandala --v 4
cyberpunk mandala-shaped megastructure city --v 4
Does it work with portrait image prompts? Well... in a way. :)
as mandala --v 4
Vincent Van Gogh — Self-portrait
as mandala --v 4
But the most exciting part begins when you try reworking Mandala in other artistic styles!
mandala by Andrea Kowch --v 4
Alien mandala by HR Giger --v 4
light painting mandala --v 4
cyberpunk mandala --v 4
Mandala in Bauhaus style --v 4
Mandala by Angela Barrett --v 4
brutalist architecture mandala --v 4
mandala by Ernst Haeckel --v 4
mandala by Steven Klein --v 4
mandala by Camille Valala --v 4
mandala by Giuseppe Arcimboldo --v 4
constructivist mandala --v 4
Have fun and exciting Midjourneys!

— Andrei
Midjourney AI style reference sample: chemigram
glowing artifact mandala from another dimension --v 4
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