Anton Corbijn photography
Anton Corbijn is an iconic Dutch photographer, music video, and film director. He is the artistic genius behind the visual style of Depeche Mode and U2, for whom he has done photography, music videos, and concert video art for over three decades.
This is how Midjourney sees Anton Corbijn's photography style:
Midjourney AI. Prompt: by Anton Corbijn --ar 9:16 --v 3
by Anton Corbijn --ar 9:16 --v 3
by Anton Corbijn --ar 9:16 --test
by Anton Corbijn --ar 9:16 --test --creative
by Anton Corbijn --ar 9:16 --testp
by Anton Corbijn --ar 9:16 --testp --creative
Midjourney AI. Prompt: by Anton Corbijn --ar 9:16 --v 3
by Anton Corbijn --v 4
Corbijn's style is bold, contrasty, and dramatic.
The Flowers Of Evil by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --test --creative
Alan Moore by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --test --creative
Japanese folk theatre actor wearing cyberpunk mask by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --test --creative
medium portrait of ancient witch of winter by Anton Corbijn --ar 4:5 --test --creative
As a rule breaker, his pictures often have unconventional compositions, are out of focus, and are full of motion and blur.
gum bicrhomate print portrait of an old homeless cat with silver curly beard wearing hood by Anton Corbijn. Dark tones, dramatic top light, misty background --ar 2:3 --stylize 1750 --test --creative
over caffeination. Rolled eyes. Smoke. Moonlit night by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --v 3
by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --v3 --test --creative
stag beetle by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --v 3
Anton Corbijn is one of my all-time favourite photographers and his name often appears in my prompts.
scary old man with huge silver beard wearing black cap in shadow. Dramatic top light and catchlight in eyes. Photograph by Anton Corbijn --ar 4:5 --test --creative
Howl's Moving Castle on mechanical legs in Guillermo Del Toro's movie scene. Photograph by Anton Corbijn. Desaturated hues --ar 2:3 --test --creative
young female with short hair wearing fractured cyberpunk mask exploding with wires by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --test --creative
girl fawn head. Digital glitch photograph by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --stylize 1925
In V3, Corbijn's style is great for Image prompts.
by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --v 3
by Anton Corbijn. Shallow depth of field --ar 2:3 --v 3
And it's not just portraits! Corbijn's style transfers really well to other subjects.
demon of digital glitch photographed by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --v 3
hadron antimatter vacuum reactor. Highly detailed scientific photograph by Anton Corbijn --ar 9:16 --v 3
cyberpunk Istanbul by Anton Corbijn. VHS colors --ar 2:3 --v 3
Cthulhu-cat by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --v 3
Let's look at how --testp recognizes the name (I chose --testp as the algorithm more suitable for photographers' styles).
witch of electronics by Anton Corbijn --ar 2-3 --testp
young angel by Anton Corbijn --ar 2-3 --testp
fish ritual by Anton Corbijn --ar 2-3 --testp
Thom Yorke as digital glitch god. Photograph by Anton Corbijn --ar 2x3 --stylize 4750 --testp
Finally, here is Anton Corbijn + Midjourney's V4.
young angel by Anton Corbijn --v 4
depressed rock star by Anton Corbijn --v 4
Italian winemaker with flowers in beard by Anton Corbijn --v 4
dieselpunk monk by Anton Corbijn --v 4
Late Halloween tip: Corbijn's style is perfect for horror fun!
man haunted by horrifying screaming spirits by Anton Corbijn --ar 2-3 --v 3
dark Japanese industrial heavy graphic poster with Siberian cat by Anton Corbijn --ar 4:5 --test --creative
Cthulhu. Movie poster by Anton Corbijn --ar 2:3 --test --creative
horror halloween pumpkin by Anton Corbijn. Graphic japanese poster --ar 4:5 --stylize 2000 --tile --v 3
Midjourney AI. Prompt: Stitch as mad bloodlust monster of hatred on scarlet moon night. Macabre photograph by Anton Corbijn --ar 4:3 --stylize 2025 --v 3
Stitch as mad bloodlust monster of hatred on scarlet moon night. Macabre photograph by Anton Corbijn --ar 4:3 --stylize 2025 --v 3


Arthur Tress, American photographer, known for his staged surrealism
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Midjourney AI style reference sample: wheatpaste
wheatpaste --ar 3:1 --v 3
As Wikipedia states, "Wheatpaste is a gel or liquid adhesive made from wheat flour or starch and water. It has been used since antiquity for various arts and crafts such as book binding, découpage, collage, papier-mâché, and adhering paper posters and notices to walls.

Wheatpaste has become an affordable and efficient technique for street artists around the world, and even formed its own genre of street art.
portrait of a Ragdoll cat as wheatpaste by ROA --ar 2:3 --v 3
sigil of Dragon Lord as wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --v 3
plane in the sky. Wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --v 3
portrait of Ghandi as wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --v 3
What about --test, --testp and --creative modes? Well, they do recognize wheatpaste in some way, but it occurred to be difficult to achieve --v 3 or --v 4 look of a proper street-art wheatpaste.
wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --test
wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --test --creative
wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --testp
wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --testp --creative
beautiful bird wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --test
beautiful bird wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --test --creative
beautiful bird wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --testp
beautiful bird wheatpaste --ar 2:3 --testp --creative
And here is how V4 sees wheatpaste: it seems to almost always add some context to the actual wheatpaste: at least a part of the wall, and oftentimes a whole part of a street with buildings, plants, cars, and passers-by.
wheatpaste of alien space ship threatening Earth --v 4
resistance logo as wheatpaste --v 4
Porto ghetto wheatpaste street art --v 4
portrait of Ghandi as wheatpaste --v 4
That's it for this week.
Thanks for staying tuned, and happy Midjourneys to you!

— Andrei


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