Anton Corbijn photography
Enki Bilal is a 71 years old Belgrade-born French illustrator, comic book author, and movie director. Aside from his award-winning comic book career, he works in cinema, theatre, and even opera as a stage, costume, and poster designer.
This is what Midjourney returns in response to by Enki Bilal prompt in V3 and V4:
by Enki Bilal --v 3
by Enki Bilal --v 4
And that's how --test and --test --creative react:
by Enki Bilal --test
by Enki Bilal --test --creative
As Lambiek Comiclopedia states: "Bilal's stories are set in a magically orientated but realistic future after the Yugoslavian civil wars, giving Bilal the perfect setting against which to illustrate his fears. He further reinforces his views by his dark and shadowy style of drawing, in which color features largely for evoking emotions."
unknown creature from Interdimension by Enki Bilal --v 4
low atmosphere transport ship during psychedelic cyclone storm by Enki Bilal --v 4
sci-fi smuggler by Enki Bilal --test
behemoth sky ship by Enki Bilal --test --creative
Bilal's style is excellent for alien creatures, sci-fi characters, vintage tech, steam-, diesel-, and cyberpunk-themed scenes.
steampunk by Enki Bilal --v 4
dieselpunk by Enki Bilal --v 4
cyberpunk by Enki Bilal --v 4
What about other themes? They work too, but without specifics Bilal's name will always bring his worlds into your generations.
folk tale hero by Enki Bilal --v 4
cat lord by Enki Bilal --v 4
High Elf scout in murky woods by Enki Bilal --v 4
Bilal's style works great with --v 3 and Remaster too!
resistance fighter by Enki Bilal --ar 2:3 --v 3
resistance fighter by Enki Bilal --ar 2:3 --test --creative
resistance fighter by Enki Bilal --ar 2:3 --v 3
resistance fighter by Enki Bilal --ar 2:3 --test --creative
cyberpunk by Enki Bilal --ar 16:9 --v 3
cyberpunk by Enki Bilal --ar 16:9 --test --creative
In conclusion, Enki Bilal is a talented visual artist with distinct and authentic style, ideal for comic books and concept arts with sci-fi, post-apocalypse and anti-utopia themes (but also expandable to other genres!).
Enki Bilal's artistic style in Midjourney AI V4
battle angel by Enki Bilal --v 4


Akos Major, Hungarian landscape photographer, specializing in visual meditation
Albert Joseph Moore, English painter, depicting languorous females in luxury settings
Ando Fuchs, Italian photographer, contemporary interpreter of black and white photography
Callie Fink, psychedelic artist from the USA
Carl Gustav Carus, German physiologist and landscape painter
Christian Lacroix, French fashion designer, known for his love of color and patterns mix
Coco Chanel, French fashion designer, world famous for her timeless designs, trademark suits and little black dresses
Darwyn Cooke, Canadian comics artist, cartoonist, and animator
Ed Freeman, Los Angeles photographer, dedicated to American roadside landscapes
Fritz Scholder, Native American artist
Gabriele Viertel, German photographer, eclectic artist with otherwordly concepts
Gemma Correll, British illustrator, depicting personal, relatable anxieties and pugs
Gene Luen Yang, American cartoonist and graphic novelist
Hal Foster, Canadian-American comic strip artist and writer
Inna Mosina, Russian feminist fine-art photographer
Isaac Maimon, Israeli painter
Ivan Marchuk, contemporary Ukrainian painter
James McIntosh Patrick, Scottish landscape painter
James Nares, British transgender woman artist, living in NYC
Junya Watanabe, Japanese fashion designer, worked for Comme des Garcons
Kawacy, digital artist from Tokyo, Japan
Kazuo Koike, Japanese manga writer, novelist, screenplay writer
Larry Sultan, Californian photographer, whose mix of documentary and staged photography depicted suburban family life
Laure Albin Guillot, French portrait photographer
Malcolm Teasdale, English fine arts artist
Mandy Disher, floral photographer from the UK
Marcin Sobas, Poland-based landscape photographer
Mark Briscoe, British post-impressionist oil painter
Patrick McHale, American animator, screenwriter and director, author of Adventure Time
Raf Simons, Belgian fashion designer
Ralph Bakshi, American animator and film maker
Roland Topor, French illustrator, cartoonist, comics artist, painter, etc
Virgil Abloh, American fashion designer, artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear
* All samples are shown in V4. V3 references are available in the relevant library sections.


Midjourney AI style reference sample: chemigram
chemigram --ar 3:1 --v 3
From Wikipedia: "A chemigram (from "chemistry" and gramma, Greek for "things written") is an experimental piece of art where an image is made by painting with chemicals on light-sensitive paper (such as photographic paper)."

Here is how different Midjourney versions see Chemigram:
chemigram --v 3
chemigram --v 4
chemigram --test
chemigram --test --creative
chemigram --testp
chemigram --testp --creative
Chemigram technique is ideal for abstract compositions.
abstract fractals chemigram --v 4
abstract expressionism chemigram. Turquoise and scarlet hues --v 4
abstract chemigram in green --v 4
But it's not just abstractions. You can apply chemigram to other subjects, too!
With varying success. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
face as chemigram --v 4
chemigram bird --testp --creative
peonies chemigram --v 4
Add specific colors to your Chemigram prompt for some cool effects.
necromonk. Chemigram. Acid colors --ar 4:5 --test --creative
Let's see how Chemigram works with Image Prompts—for drawings and photographs. I used a portrait of Francis D., one of my old black and white contrasty portraits, and Albrecht Dürer's "Head of an Apostle Looking Downward" drawing as initial images.

All three showed great result!
Original photograph
as chemigram --v 4
as chemigram --v 4
Original photograph
as chemigram --v 4
as chemigram --v 4
Original drawing
as chemigram --v 4
as chemigram --v 4
Chemigrams are fun!
Midjourney AI style reference sample: chemigram
psychedelic mushrooms chemigram --ar 16x9 --v 3
That's it for this week.
Thanks you for reading, and happy Midjourneys!

— Andrei


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