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Max Ernst artworks
Max Ernst was a German artist, one of the pioneers and leading figures of the Surrealist movement, which focused on creating art that incorporated dreamlike elements and irrationality. Ernst's work spanned many different media, including painting, sculpture, and collage, and was often influenced by literature, psychology, and the natural world.
Let's see how Midjourney recognizes Max Ernst's name in V3 and V4:
by Max Ernst --v 3
by Max Ernst --v 4
Apart from his distinct and unique style, he was known for his innovative techniques, such as frottage (rubbing), grattage (scraping), and decalcomania (transferring paint from one surface to another), which he used to create strange and unsettling compositions.
And that's how other versions react:
by Max Ernst --test
by Max Ernst --test --creative
by Max Ernst --testp
by Max Ernst --testp --creative
Unsettling is a very appropriate word for Max Ernst's style in Midjourney. Generations with his name are majestic and disturbing at the same time, inhabited by weirdly intricate shapes, bizarre characters, and deserted landscapes. Final ingredients: intense blue and yellow color scheme and harsh, contrasty lighting.
1920s Mastermind AI by Max Ernst --v 4
colossal ancient gods by Max Ernst --v 4
Nick Cave by Max Ernst --v 4
1700s fairy tale book illustration by Max Ernst --v 4
As you can see, Ernst's style in Midjourney is quite versatile. It easily (and mostly successfully) "spills" into other genres and media.
heavy machinery cyberpunk factory by Max Ernst --v 4
dark forest by Max Ernst--v 4
cyberpunk samurai on moonlit rooftop by Max Ernst--v 4
And it works great with other artist's names and styles, too!
Japanese comic strip by Max Ernst --v 4
Fall-Winter 2024 collection by Max Ernst and Rick Owens --v 4
car design by Max Ernst for Mercedes --v 4
fantasy character by Max Ernst. Illustration by Tsutomu Nihei --v 4
Can Max Ernst's name do Image Prompts? Oh yes! Stage to Francis D. and a Young Woman.
Francis D.
by Max Ernst --v 4
Petrus Christus - Portrait of a Young Woman (circa 1470)
by Max Ernst --v 4
Not every Midjourney style can affect a photographic portrait that much. So, definitely good for Image Prompts!

Max Ernst is the name for you if you are exploring Surrealism or themes of the subconscious in your art.
Bruce Munro's artistic style in Midjourney AI V4
mirror dimension by Max Ernst. Neon colors --ar 3:2 --v 4


Alan Kenny, Irish painter, recognized for his colorful, imaginative and largely narrative paintings
Alessandro Gottardo, Italian illustrator, known under a stage name SHOUT
Alfred Cheney Johnston, New York City-based photographer known for his portraits of Ziegfeld Follies showgirls as well as of other actors and actresses
Aliza Razell, American artist, joining photography with watercolor, creating beautiful explosions of color in her works
Allie Brosh, American blogger, writer and comic artist best known for her webcomic Hyperbole and a Half
Bert Stern, American commercial photographer best known for his iconic portraits of Marilyn Monroe
Bess Hamiti, Albanian photographer and designer
Carl Kleiner, Swedish photographer and art director known for his distinctive, minimalistic style and use of bright colors
Erik Spiekermann, German typographer, designer, and author who is known for his contributions to the fields of typography and design
FAILE, New York-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, who are known for their distinctive street art and mixed media projects
Francois Boucher, French painter, printmaker, and designer who was active in the 18th century and was known for his Rococo-style paintings
George Birrell, Scottish artist ans illustrator known for his colorful, imaginative illustrations, inspired by folklore and mythology
Lauren Faust, American animator, creator of My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic
Mao Hamaguchi, Japanese illustrator and graphic designer known for her colorful, whimsical artwork
Marta Bevacqua, Italian photographer who is known for her artistic, dreamlike images
Martine Johanna, Dutch artist, known for her bold, expressive style and colorful, surrealist-inspired paintings
Maurice Prendergast, prominent American painter and illustrator known for his colorful, impressionist-inspired paintings and drawings, depicting scenes of everyday life
Mike Deodato, Brazilian comic book artist known for his work in the superhero and fantasy genres
Milton H. Greene, American portrait photographer, capturing glamour and charisma of many celebrities of his time
Nick Walker, British street artist known for his distinctive, stencil-based artworks, he is considered one of the pioneeres of the movement
Nicola Samori, Italian painter and sculptor, whose Baroque-inspired oil paintings and skillful reproductions of classical portraits and still lifes made him well-known
Oliver Jeffers, Northern Irish illustrator known for his children's books and his distinctive, imaginative style
Oskar Fischinger, German-American abstract animator, filmmaker, and painter, notable for creating abstract musical animation many decades before the appearance of computer graphics and music videos
Patty Maher, Canadian fine-art and conceptual photographer
Raimonds Staprans, contemporaty American painter of Latvian origin, known for his depictions of fruit, chairs, and architecture
Raphael Kirchner, Austrian artist, portrait painter, and illustrator, known for Art Nouveau and early pin-up work, especially in picture postcard format
Raymond Pettibon, American artist and illustrator known for his distinctive black and white drawings and texts, which often address themes of Americana, literature, and popular culture
Riccardo Tisci, Italian fashion designer, known for his work with Givenchy and Burberry
Toshiko Okanoue, Japanese artist associated with the Japanese avant-garde art world of the 1950s and best known for her Surrealist photo collages
Tracie Grimwood, Australian illustrator, who is known for many book illustrations and covers as well as other media projects
Uemura Shoen, Japanese female artist, famous for her paintings of beautiful women in traditional style, she is considered a major innovator in the style
William Langson Lathrop, American Impressionist landscape painter and founder of the art colony at New Hope, Pennsylvania
William Zorach, American sculptor, painter, printmaker, and writer, notable for being at the forefront of American cubism
* All samples are shown in V4. V3 references are available in the relevant library sections.


Midjourney AI style reference sample: blueprint
nuclear fusion. Naive art --ar 3:2 --stylize 1000 --v 4
Naive art (AKA outsider art or primitive art) is created by individuals who are not formally trained as artists. These authors are often self-taught and are not bound by traditional art movements or styles.
sea town. Naive art --v 4
Garage Sale. Naive art postcard --v 4
Chernobog. Naive art --v 4
cat counsil. Naive art --v 4
Naive art is about simplicity, directness, and lack of sophistication. It usually features bright, bold colors and childlike or primitive subject matter. The style can vary widely, as it is not limited by the same rules and conventions as more traditional art forms.
Easter postcard in Naive Art style --v 4
marine biology. Naive art --v 4
Naive art is often associated with folk art and traditional craftsmanship. It may incorporate elements of the artist's culture or personal experiences.

Like its real-life counterpart, Naive art in Midjourney is also not one specific, but numerous different styles. Sometimes, your generations will look like a three-year-old kid's drawing; sometimes, they might get elaborate and fine-detailed—depending on the prompt.
Psychedelic music album cover. Naive art --v 4
princess meeting dragon. Book illustration in Naive art style --v 4
horror film poster. Naive art --v 4
Here is a little example of how different Naive art in Midjourney can be. All those images belong to the same generation, but look at how different they are in visual style and mood.
dog fight. Naive art --v 4
dog fight. Naive art --v 4
dog fight. Naive art --v 4
That's it for today. Happy Midjourneys!

— Andrei
Midjourney AI style reference sample: chemigram
All cats are grey at night. Naive art --v 4
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