I create visual art: whether still or motion, whether it is personal or commercial work, I apply my vision equally and in full.
Andrei Kovalev visual artist at Geogrian Film Studio
Spéos Paris Photographic Institute graduate (2012) I am based between Tbilisi, Moscow and Paris, and travel the world for assignments and personal projects.
My work comprises of two components: punk and perfectionism. I love messed up stuff. But it must be visually impeccable messed up stuff as well.
Victor Golyshev, photographed by Andrei Kovalev  A portrait by Andrei Kovalev photography Photoband 2017 Vampire Garden Andrei Kovalev photography
Every work of visual art aims to grab viewer’s attention. To do that, an image (either moving or still) must make its viewer ask questions. Like,

WTF is going on!
My personal projects were exhibited in galleries in Paris, London, Tbilisi, Moscow, Sydney, Istanbul and Tokyo.
Andrei Kovalev’s photo exhibition in Black and White Gallery Tbilisi 2017 Imagining Georgia
I specialise in creating non-existing worlds →
Batoni Merab at Georgian Film, personal project of Andrei Kovalev, photographer
I shoot crazy music and fashion short films with weird characters — and they are hypnotising.
A portrait by Andrei Kovalev photography Infundibulum character by Andrei Kovalev photography Simple wine news cover photography by Andrei Kovalev
I design characters and build masks →
Karen Badalov as Baron Munchausen, photographed by Andrei Kovalev, visual artist
Currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia, my team and I profit from an overwhelming number of natural and indoor locations, affordable infrastructure, and fairly low production costs.
We are looking to collaborate with fellow artists: musicians, theatrical or movie directors, mask designers etc.

Domains: photography, cinematography, production design, character and mask design.
Want to make cool messed up stuff together? andrei@ckovalev.com