A vast part of my work is related to (or simply is) movies. Whether it is directing, editing, styling movie sets, portraits of actors or directors.
Case study

In July 2019, together with my team, I produced a short fashion film for Infundibulum’s new collection titled Divo (Marvel).

Take a peek into the world of dark Russian fairy tales and village legends →
Short film

In January 2017, together with the American director Thomas Burns, we shot a short movie based on the first chapter of the then-upcoming novel Un Emploi Sur Mesure by French writer Sven Hansen-Løve.

Dive into the world of Tbilisi-Paris noir →
Promotional film

In October 2019 together with my team I produced a teaser trailer for an audio play built around the story of Jack The Ripper, created by Soundstream.

4K video + behind-the-scenes →
Case study
In February 2017, together with my team, I built an FBI-style field press room for a short movie by the American director Thomas Burns (Tbilisi, Georgia).

How to build a set from a pile of old papers you store even if you didn't need to →
Short film

In June 2019, I designed a mask and shot
an episode for 33 Words On Russian Design, an anthology-movie by BangBang! Education (Moscow).

Look into the essence of chaos in Russian design →
Personal project
One of the world's oldest film studios, Kartuli Filmi was among the most active Soviet film production spots. The fall of the USSR was followed by hard times for the studio and many of its treasures are now gone...

No, not all of them! →
Music video
Martina Topley-Bird — Sandpaper Kisses (unofficial)
In August 2015, together with model Kristina Kryzhanovskaya, I shot and edited a 'music+motion+photography experimental video art'.