A large body of my work is produced for theatres, theatrical companies, specific plays, directors, and actors. I make posters, cast portfolios, stage, and character design.

Case study

In June 2018, I produced a series of key visuals for Baron Munchausen, Sergey Diachkovsky's play at the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theatre (Moscow).

See Baron having traditional Russian tea with a bear →
Case study
In 2017, together with stylist Tatiana Almond, we designed characters and created the scenography for Edward Albee's iconic play, staged by the Georgian director Mamuka Tkemaladze at the Tumanishvili Theatre (Tbilisi, Georgia). Based on that work, I produced the key visuals for the play's promotion →
Short film

In October 2019, together with my team, I produced a teaser trailer for an audio play built around the story of Jack The Ripper, created by Soundstream.

Meet the suspects →
Special project
In December 2017 I came up with an ambitious artistic project for the Tumanishvili Theatre's King Lear.

16 characters in a really long picture →