Every year since 2017, I hold a signature course on complex photographic projects. Each course is a uniquely built educational experience, set around one or several real-life photoshoots.
In May 2019, together with the students of my photography course we spent 16 days working on key visuals for Burito's third album, Samskara.

5 characters, 7 photoshoots, 2 meters-long mechanical Godzilla's head, 6 crazy movie-like settings, 4×5 film series,
and more →
I believe that there is no better education than the one received through a guided experience. Working as a production team, students bring a complex photographic project to life. From the first sketch to post-production, they learn a practical approach, technical solutions, and creative practices.
6 days in a row, 5 lectures
and hands-on workshops,
3 photoshoots →
4 weeks (3 days per week), 9 lectures and hands-on workshops, (+guest lecturers), 4 full-scale photoshoots →
Andrew also acts as a consultant for amateur and pro photographers. Learn about my one-on-one sessions →
My next course will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia
in May 2020.

For details (in Russian), please, visit new.ckovalev.com →→