My other passion is mask design.
I create unique headpieces for cinema, theatrical plays, photoshoots, music videos.
Short film

In June 2019, I designed a mask and shot
an episode for 33 Words On Russian Design, an anthology-movie by BangBang! Education (Moscow).

Look into the essence of chaos in Russian design →
Personal project
[contains nudity]

In the olden days, Georgians spoke of a mythical patron of hunters and animals, a pagan goddess of forests and mountains, named Dáli.

Live the Georgian Fairy Tale →
The Georgian. A part of an ongoing personal project, Berikaoba
Horror mask for Gleb Sukovatykh's short horror film Crash Pad
The Lamb. A part of an ongoing personal project, Berikaoba
My workshop is located in Tbilisi, Georgia, which has a lot to offer to a visual artist. Vast choice of locations: both indoors and outdoors, inexpensive infrastructure and less than humble production costs. Crazy art projects? This is the place!