In September 2019, a Moscow based movie distribution company Central Partnership assigned me to take portraits of the principal cast of "Streltsov," Ilya Uchitel's most recent creation. The movie is following the dramatic life story of Eduard Streltsov, a controversial Soviet Era football star.
Eduard Streltsov was a legendary Soviet football forward, playing for Moscow Torpedo and the Soviet national team during the 1950s and 1960s. Sometimes called "the Russian Pelé," Streltsov scored the fourth-highest number of goals for the Soviet Union and was titled "the greatest outfield player Russia has ever produced."
For this project, the team worked in a "green room," a medium-sized movie sound stage, partially covered with a chroma key screen. Shooting the portraits that way would allow the post-production team, a Moscow company called "Fiero Animals," to have more options working with ads and supporting promo designs.
Apart from being a part of my personal project, this photo shoot has an additional goal: one of the resulting images will appear on a poster for the Georgian director Khatuna Khundadze's latest documentary film. The film features Robert as its main character (it is the second documentary film to be about him and his work at the studios).