Apr 27—May 12 2019
Buritō Kōsū
The most mind blowing photographic course in history.
In a row: character design from backstory to attire, creating props, building worlds, lighting sets and shooting crazy pictures.
Each with their own backstory, surrounding world, costume, props, protagonists and shooting approach.
Each with its own concept, unique combination of approach, techniques, lighting scheme and special effects.
We then went further in playing with different visual styles. Shot with Sinar 4×5 field camera on old black and white film sheets, these photographs pay tribute to the classical XIX century samurai portraits.
1st (of seven) course photoshoot
Videographers: Nikita Goryachkin and Elina Wexler
Editing: Nikita Goryachkin
Course team and partners
Producers: Polina Efremenko, Kristina Kryzhanovskaya, Anna Bednieri
Technical director: Timur Ivanov
Chief engineer: Ilya Ponomarev
Production team: Kamil Guliev, Irina Ruleva, Vyacheslav Konev, Serj Longray, Tatyana Gallyamova, Nikolai Wilflingsider
Guest costume designer: Maria Meleshko
Guest collaborators: Marina Kovalishina, Catherine Zolotukhina, Anna Fedoruk, Anna Musatova, Alexander Podgornykh
BTS-cinematographers: Nikita Goryachkin, Elina Wexler
BTS-photographer: Elina Wexler
Documentary director: Varvara Gladkaya
Sound engineer: Olga Lopina
Sound team: Grigory Rastatuev, Sergei Arakeliants

Thanks to Broncolor Russia/Sinar Swiss (SBF Moscow) and Sergey Rumyantsev for technical support, Zabota Coworking and Elya Logina for giving the course a magnificent home

A very special thanks to Velvet Music & Burito for believing in such a crazy idea and trusting our artistic vision!

Moscow, 2019