May 1—6, 2018
Photoband 2018 was Andrew Kovalev's second crash course on production and staging of a complex portrait photoshoot.
in a row
On being a commercial artist, Planning and preproduction, Light & SFX, Postproduction.
Shoot #1. Vive La Révolution
The course's first shoot was a collaboration with Infundibulum (Russian hand-tailored clothing brand) and three young theatrical actors. Theme? The French Revolution!
“Vive La Révolution” moodboard
Shoot #2. The Polar Stalker
Another one of the course shoots was a collaboration with Vladimir Chukov, a professional explorer and the President of the Russian Geographical Society's Arktika Public Foundation for supporting expeditionary activity. For such an extraordinary man we came up with the Polar Staler concept.
“Polar Stalker” moodboard
Shoots #3/4 The E.T. & The Raven

The last photoshoot of the course was a freeform improvisation. No moodboards, no sketches, just a clean white studio, a cinema actor and a fashion model. Add Russian stylist and fashion designer Tali Rutman to the mix, and you get the unlimited creative flow.
Production crew
Concept and art direction: Andrew Kovalev
Producer: Anna Bedineri
Technical director: Timur Ivanov
Stylists: Ilya Varegin, Tatiana Almond, Tali Rutman
BTS-videographer: Nikita Goryachkin
BTS-photographer: Gleb Kalinin

Students: Asya Mardo, Julia Vazina, Natalia Kharitonova, Ekaterina Domnina, Zako Danelia, Alina Yavtushenko, Gleb Kalinin, Eka Shonia, Alexey Konstantinov, Denis Tyrin, Pavel Kondratiev, Alexander Rasputin, Diana Usmanova, Vyacheslav Konev