Pavel Manylov is a Russian traveler and a writer. For his book of stories from various world famous hotels we came up with an idea of a double cover picture.
The main cover was devoted to Savva Mamontov, Russian industrialist and patron of the arts from the beginning of the XX century. We decided to use the technique of one of the most prominent Russian photographers of the time. Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii was one of the pioneers of color photography. His invention was to take three similar black and white frames consequently with red, green and blue filters. Combined together, they let obtain a colored image.
The Prokudin-Gorskii's hommage was balanced with the inside front cover — which was supposed to be the exact opposite of the manual, hand-developed, vintage technique. The inside front cover is digital, very digital.
A vintage anamorphic lens was used to achieve the most cinematic look possible.
Production crew
Technical director: Timur Ivanov
Engineer: Ilya Ponomarev
Gaffer: Dmitry Davydov
Lighting team: Andrey Rodionov, German Tretyakov, Evgeny Naumenko
Producer: Anna Bednieri
Second producer/assistant: Alyona Kondyurina
BTS-videographer: Nikita Goryachkin