In January 2017, the famous Russian designer Oleg Pashchenko invited me to collaborate on a short episode for 33 words on Russian design, a digest movie produced by BangBang! Education (Moscow).
The piece revolves around the theme of Chaos in Russian design. Oleg gave me almost complete creative freedom, having only two demands.

First: it's a philosophical tractate, so a voiceover text is mandatory.

Second: Oleg wanted me to create a mask for him, so he could be in the film — playing the Chaos itself. A mask of Chaos (← hence my final sketch).
Chaos is the opposite of stable, it's about constant movement. That's where my team and I headed.
Most of the special FX and transitions are done in-camera.
The moodboard described the mask, lighting schemes, poses/movement ideas.
Production crew
Text, voice over, on screen talent: Oleg Paschenko
Concept, mask design, camerawork and editing: Andrew Kovalev
Assisting DoP: Nikita Goryachkin
Gaffer: Roman Matveev
Voice recording and sound design: Olga Lopina
Engineering team: Ilya Ponomarev, Tatyana Gallyamova, Timur Ivanov
Producer: Anna Bednieri
BTS-videographer: Elina Wexler