In January 2019, I produced the key visual art for the Mamuka Tkemaladze's play The Episode.
Friedrich Durrenmatt's Episode on an Autumn Evening is a dramatic detective play, where two characters are involved into a tense dialogue with each other, changing roles in their game many times throughout the performance. In Mamuka Tkemaladze's interpretation, the duality of the two characters might happen inside the head of one of them. To accentuate that twist, I came up with an idea of a collage, made out of pieces of faces of each character.
Technically, I wanted it to be very real, as if someone crazy put those pieces together with their own hands. I decided to shoot portraits of actors with 4x5 film and then cut the negatives and compose them into a face collage inside a scanner.
One of the early proof-of-concepts made right after I scanned the first pieces of film.
The image was used on different media, including posters, large banners, invitations.
Production crew
Talents: Malkhaz Abuladze, Anri Bibenishvili-Jakeli
Concept, photography, design: Andrew Kovalev
Assistants: Timur Ivanov, Giga Siprashvili