In November 2018, one of the most acclaimed Moscow theatres, the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop, commissioned me to produce a series of portraits of theatre's complete cast, creative crew, Artistic Director and CEO.
Together with
my team
we produced
89 photoshoots in 21 days, resulting
in a massive set of 224 portraits.
In the core of the project is a collaboration between the artist and his subject.

To make the series more diverse and involving for the viewer, I came up with an idea of a game. Actors were all invited to choose an object from a large set of more than 100 random theatrical props.

They were then to enact a character, who owns the chosen item.

The result of such improvisation might be seen as a
spontaneous play, happening once and existing afterwards only as a few frames, captured by the photographer.
Production crew
Assistants: Timur Ivanov, Tatiana Almond
Producers: Arina Ruzheinikova, Nikolai Kostomarov
In January, 2019 the project was displayed
as a massive show in the Theatre's exhibition space,
comprising 64 portraits.
The project is a collaboration with Broncolor Russia.