In February 2019, the Vakhtangova Theatre commissioned me to produce a poster for Lope de Vega's play The Widow From Valencia, staged by the Durnaya Kompaniya theatre company.
I had an idea of making a digital collage, where every character will find his or her place in the folds of a dress of the main one — The Widow from Valencia herself.
The actors' single portrait were used for individual character posters:
The project was supported by Broncolor Russia.
Production crew
Talents: Evgeniya Ivashova, Vitaliy Lipoviy, Elizaveta Leybenzon, Yan Gakharmanov, Nikolay Likhanov, Danil Mozhaev, Mark Burlay, Danilo Gnido, Anastasya Golikova, Nikolay Likhanov

Costume designer: Maria Meleshko
Assistant: Timur Ivanov
Producer: Polina Efremenko