In September 2017, together with my team, I spent 2 days around Mount Kazbegi to shoot an advertising campaign for Jimsher, the first producer of Georgian whisky.
Jimsher “Jimy” Chkhaidze is a Georgian winemaker and the first one to produce Georgian whisky.
For this project, we collaborated with Samoseli Pirveli, a Georgian brand of tradition-driven modern clothes. Georgian nature, specifically surroundings of the Mount Kazbegi, became the perfect backdrop for the campaign.
Production crew
Talent: Jimsher Chkhaidze
Stylist: Tatiana Almond
Assistants: Gleb Chuev, Tata Melnik
BTS-photographer: Elina Wexler
Drivers: Giorgi Ozashvili, Zurab Batarishvili

Special thanks to Marika Mamaladze