The Makers, a series of honest and intimate winemakers' portraits shot while on assignments throughout the years.
French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Georgian, Austrian, Bulgarian, German winemakers. Salt of the earth. This is the series of their intimate close ups shot throughout many years during various assignments for wine magazines or commercial clients.
Leonardo Frescobaldi for Simple Wine News, Marco Casolanetti (SWN), Emilio Moro (SWN), Giuseppe Mascarello (SWN), Jean-Claud Ramonet for Wine Spectator, Vittorio Frescobaldi (SWN), an advertising campaing for Riecine, Marcel Guigal (SWN), Marchesi Frescobaldi (SWN), Sascha Alexis Lichine (SWN), Sean O'Callaghan (SWN), Robert Azarian (SWN),

Journalists: Ilya Kirillin, Vasily Raskov, Slava Shvets
Photo editors: Sonya Markova, Tatiana Platonova
Assistant: Tatiana Almond